Top 5 Most Dangerous Mobile Apps You Should Delete Right Now

Let’s take a quick look to the top 5 most dangerous mobile apps that you should immediately remove from your smartphones and why they are dangerous. You may find very fewer people in the world who don’t use smartphones and their apps. Nowadays smartphones are consumed by unnecessary apps that not only take up storage space but can also affect your smartphone performance and battery life.

Recent research claims that an average life of smartphone worth rupees 8 thousand to 25 thousand is around 4 to 5 years and if your mobile phone breakdown or become slow before that then it may be because of unwanted apps you are using constantly. Here are the top 5 most dangerous mobile apps you should remove immediately

1. Optimizers :

optimizers apps

Optimizers like CCleaner, DU Battery Saver, Clean Master are used to improve smartphones performance. The main aim of such apps is to clear cache memory & to close the background apps systematically and this constant closing and restarting of apps can make your phone unstable.

Those so-called optimizing apps keep running in the background consuming the RAM and battery power at the same time. Smartphones have built-in functionality to optimize and manage RAM usage automatically and knows when to run an app or not, so third-party apps aren’t necessary. Instead of downloading such apps Just go to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data. At the Clear cached data prompt, hit OK.

2. Third Party Web browsers

top 5 most dangerous mobile apps

In every smartphone, there is a built-in web browser but still, people use third-party web browsers like UC, dolphin, opera, etc. Mobile companies never recommend using third-party web browsers because it stores your sensitive information like credit cards details, social networking passwords, etc & it is not secure.

If you use such apps regularly then might be your smartphone gets infected from malware. UC Brower is one of the famous web browsers but do you know it is part of Alibaba’s mobile business group. In 2017 it has come under the government’s scanner for the alleged leak of mobile data of its Indian users to the server in China. So be safe and uninstall such apps from smartphones.

3. Antivirus

In order to secure smartphones, people installed Antivirus apps & you will find many such apps on the play store. But there are many antivirus apps which were developed by hackers in order to gain your personal information, it’s so dangerous that it can freeze or corrupt your smartphone completely.

Smartphones don’t require antivirus apps & it is not recommended to install apps from unknown sources. People who download apps & games from the internet rather from play store there is always a risk of security threat, so stop installing apps from the internet, download apps & games only from play store.

4. Truecaller

Truecaller is a mobile app developed by the Swedish company in 2009. Indians love Truecaller. There are more than 130 million smartphone users in India who have Truecaller installed on their phones. Truecaller attempts to stop people from spamming you. But in doing so it actually makes spamming people easier. Stopping spam calls is not really the core functionality of Truecaller.

Finding someone’s number, and then cold calling him or her has become a more important function of the app & that is a big problem. When you install and use the Truecaller Apps, Truecaller will collect, process and retain personal information from you.

This information may include the following: geo-location, Your IP address, device ID, operator, IMSI, incoming and outgoing calls and messages, times and date of calls, duration of calls. Ouch! That’s a heck of information. In 2013 Truecaller has been hacked by hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), putting at risk the data of 1 million Indian users.

5. Bloatware Apps

Many smartphones have a lot of pre-installed apps, either from the manufacturer or from Google. They are known as bloatware apps.

Most will never use them, so your best option is to uninstall them. Many of these apps not only have no use but consume battery & space intensively. Some smartphones manufacture won’t let you uninstall Facebook, Twitter, or other social media apps from your smartphone. This is annoying for users who don’t care about social media or those who don’t need the app taking up space on their device. So you must remove them immediately.

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