11 Unknown Facts about Nagpur

facts about nagpur

Every city has its own story of glory. But the heart of the country The Orange city Nagpur has a bundle of hidden and mind-blowing facts.┬áRead on to know the amazing facts about Nagpur. The city is mainly famous for its oranges that’s why it is called as “The orange city” but do you know it is also Known as the “Tiger Capital of India” as many tiger reserves are located in and around the city. Nagpur is the 3rd largest city in Maharashtra.

Here are the top 11 lesser known facts about Nagpur.

1. Nagpur is the Winter Capital of Maharashtra. Every year the winter session of Maharashtra legislature takes part in Vidhan Bhavan in Nagpur.

2. The only National Fire Service College in India is in Nagpur.

3. The Heart of Nagpur – Deekshabhoomi is the largest hollow stupa among all Buddhist stupas in the world.

4. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, along with nearly 500,000 followers converted to Buddhism at Deekshabhoomi. This was the first mass religious conversions in the history of India.

5. Nagpur is the smartest city of India. Nagpur has been awarded by TOI as Greenest, Cleanest, and Safest City in India thrice. Also, ABP news awarded Nagpur as the Best Green City and the Best City for Health Care Services awards back in 2013.

6. The MRO facility constructed at Nagpur by Boeing is only the second such facility in the world, after Shanghai.

7. Central India Spinning and Weaving Company Ltd., was the country’s first textile mill started by Tata group at Nagpur. It is popularly known as the “Empress Mill” because it was inaugurated on 1st January 1877, the day Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India.

8. The distance between Nagpur Central Railway Station and Ajni Station is the shortest distance between two scheduled stops at railway stations in India. About 160 trains halt daily at Nagpur railway station making it the busiest railway station of central India.

9. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur has the busiest Air traffic control room in India. Nagpur’s airport became the first airport in India to receive an ISO 27000 certificate. In fact, Nagpur is not only the first in India but also the first in the world to be certified for Air navigation service provider (ANSP). There are only seven airports in the world which have ISO 27000, but none of them have ANSP.

10. The countries entire gold asset is kept in the Nagpur’s Branch of Reserve Bank Of India.

facts about nagpur

11. The Zero Mile marker at Nagpur is considered as India’s geographical center. That’s an amazing facts about Nagpur, isn’t it?

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